Guide to the advertising of medicinal products for human use aimed at the general public.

A Royal Decree has been published introducing a number of relevant changes in Spanish Urban Letting Act trending to a larger protection of the tenant in properties .

International Sale of Goods and Applicable Law

 Cristina Simon The unquestionable increase in international sales and purchases in recent times has led to a significant increase in the application of the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods, done at Vienna on 11 April 1980. It is interesting […]

A decade of legislative changes for the recovery of the real estate sector. Opening of SIMA 2018

By Iñigo Sanchéz del Campo, partner. Once again this year, the Madrid International Real Estate Exhibition – SIMA has begun. https://simaexpo.com/. This year marks the 20th anniversary of its first edition in 1998. Since then, the real estate sector has adapted to the needs of […]

Comments on the scope of the statutory reserve required to remunerate administrative functions in relation to the contractual remuneration system for the Managing or Executive Directors of unlisted companies.

RULING NO. 98/2018 OF THE FIRST CHAMBER OF THE SUPREME COURT OF 26 FEBRUARY ON THE REMUNERATION OF THE MANAGING DIRECTORS OR EXECUTIVES OF UNLISTED COMPANIES. CONTROVERSY. The Supreme Court has begun to analyse the scope of the statutory reserve required to remunerate administrative functions […]

Criminal Compliance programs required to exempt your company of criminal liability.

The European Union and the Spanish legislator has been guided by American standards. The principles of Corporate Governance, Corporate Social Responsibility, Know Your Client, whistleblowing etc., all come from the “US factory”. The reality is that we are facing a historic moment in the confluence […]