Passion, commitment and added value




We provide solutions to our clients


Founded in 2003,Thomás de Carranza Abogados is an independent and multidisciplinary law firm dedicated to the provision of legal advice to companies and individuals with special recognition and specialization in the areas of activity in which our clients are involved day by day: litigation, corporate law, administrative-regulatory law, real estate law, labour law, tax law, white collar crime and compliance.

The firm had its first headquarters in Madrid, in Monte Esquinza Street. Subsequently, it moved its offices to Calle Sagasta, and then in 2014 to Calle Montalbán. The offices of the firm are currently located in Paseo de la Castellana.

During all these years, the firm has opted for quality and growth in order to continue offering its clients an integral service of maximum quality and efficiency. As a result of this progression, Thomás de Carranza Abogados now has a solid, qualified and experienced team of professionals in its Madrid office and a wide network of collaborating lawyers in the main cities of Spain. Likewise, aware of the needs of our clients, Thomás de Carranza Abogados has reached collaboration agreements with leading foreign law firms in the world’s main financial centres and maintains a network of collaborating law firms with presence in more than sixty countries with which it works closely.

Passion, commitment and added value


Our main hallmarks of identity, which distinguish us from other law firms, are our passion for our work, our total involvement in the effective defence of the rights and interests of our clients and our commitment to excellence and the contribution of added value. It is not a question of giving simple answers, but of finding the best solutions for each client in each specific case.

Objectives and Values


Our commitment to work and the effective defence of our clients’ rights and interests are the values that characterize us and make us proud.


Since its creation in 2003, the team that integrates Thomás de Carranza Abogados has had a clear objective: to build a law firm with its own identity that is recognized in the market for the quality and effectiveness of its services and for its unwavering commitment in defending the real interests of our clients, their rights and their needs.

At THOMÁS DE CARRANZA ABOGADOS we are aware of the values that we defend and assume:
Trust and Integrity

These are basic foundations of the relationship between client and lawyer. The first requires the lawyer to conduct him/herself professionally, honestly, with integrity, truthfully, effectively and independently. The second is a requirement and a consequence of the first: we, lawyers, have an obligation not to disappoint the trust of our clients, to act at all times with complete transparency and to avoid conflicts of interest. This trust requires the professionals who integrate THOMÁS DE CARRANZA ABOGADOS to fully respect the duties of confidentiality and professional secrecy.

Commitment to our clients

We are a Firm that bets on solid and long-lasting relationships with its clients, based on mutual trust and our total availability and involvement in defending their rights and interests. We strive to understand your business model in order to be able to advise you effectively, finding the most suitable legal solution in each situation. We dedicate ourselves to each client as if it were unique, with total availability and personal involvement. This is the commitment that characterizes our firm.

Credibility and responsibility

Clients place their trust in us because we fulfil the commitments we make, putting at their service, with total dedication, without limits or restrictions, our best efforts, experience and knowledge. At THOMÁS DE CARRANZA ABOGADOS we are aware of the high responsibility that we assume with our clients and act at all times according to it.

Quality and efficiency of service delivery

THOMÁS DE CARRANZA ABOGADOS provides its services in order to offer its clients the highest levels of professionalism, quality and efficiency. The trust of clients, the only pillar on which a law firm can be built, is only gained from excellence of services and proximity to the client. Our constant commitment to excellence has made it possible for THOMÁS DE CARRANZA ABOGADOS to count today with a highly qualified team of professionals, at the forefront of the current legal situation, which allows us to respond in a safe and effective way to the needs of our clients.

Social commitment


At Thomás de Carranza Abogados we are aware of the high mission that corresponds to us as lawyers, necessary collaborators in the material realization of justice through the defence of the rights and interests of our clients. Without the right of defence there is no justice, and without it the rule of law would not exist.

Our commitment to society goes beyond the strict observance of ethical standards that preside over our daily work. It also translates into a model of law firm that treats all people with respect and equality, regardless of their sex, race, religion, ideology or social status, and that is committed, within its internal organisation, to diversity, stability and reconciliation between work and family life.

Both, the firm and its members, participate in pro-bono programs, offering free legal advice and training to individuals in situations of social exclusion, foundations, educational organizations and non-profit organizations. We collaborate in a disinterested way with different universities, public and private, in the formation of the future lawyers of our country, through courses and seminars and enabling internships in the firm so that students and/or recent graduates can be properly trained and acquire the necessary skills to facilitate their incorporation into the world of work.



The customer comes first: total availability and personal involvement in the defence of their rights and interests.

Many of our customers have been with us for many years, from the beginning. We maintain a very close and personal relationship with all of them, offering personalized advice and adjusted to what they really need. Our clients are mostly companies in very diverse sectors of activity (real estate, services, venture capital, hospital products, energy, water, construction, transport, infrastructure, hotels and restaurants, advertising and new technologies, etc.). We strive to understand the business model of our clients, what they really want and need, only in this way can we advise them effectively, finding the best legal solution in each situation.

Why us


Because we fulfil what we say. Clients come first and we dedicate ourselves to them as if each was the only one, with total availability and personal involvement.
At Thomás de Carranza Abogados we offer:
Personal involvement

We are directly involved in the effective defence of our clients’ rights and interests. The customer comes first and we dedicate ourselves to him with total availability and involvement. The relationship with the client is always channelled through the same people, generating greater trust and knowledge of their needs. We believe that effort, technical knowledge and personal involvement are the essential steps that must be taken if we want to be effective in the proper defence of the issues entrusted to us.

Experience and specialization

In order to guarantee the maximum quality and efficiency in the provision of our services, all the work entrusted to us is led by partners and/or senior lawyers with more than 10 years of professional experience and extensive technical knowledge of the sector in which the client operates.

Comprehensive Coverage – Multidisciplinary Teams

We work with multidisciplinary teams that provide the knowledge, experience and specialization necessary to provide our clients with a comprehensive service, effectively defending their interests and trying to provide the best possible solutions in each specific case.

Cost efficiency

We are an independent Spanish law firm with a reasonable and contained cost structure. Unlike certain macro law firms, we do not have to pass on exorbitant structure and maintenance costs to our clients. We have a rational and transparent fee policy, which is fundamentally based on the complexity of the matter entrusted, the dedication required and the result of our professional collaboration. We are not the biggest, but we are the best in quality and efficiency.