“Interview with our partner Christian Mesia Director of Criminal Law and Compliance on Intereconomía TV on extradition between Switzerland and Spain”


Criminal Compliance programs required to exempt your company of criminal liability.

The European Union and the Spanish legislator has been guided by American standards. The principles of Corporate Governance, Corporate Social Responsibility, Know Your Client, whistleblowing etc., all come from the “US factory”. The reality is that we are facing a historic moment in the confluence […]

Incorporation Christian Mesia Martinez as new Partner in charge of the Criminal Department and the Office of Compliance (1/10/14).

Christian Mesia Martinez has joined the Firm as a new Partner responsible for the areas of Criminal and Regulatory Compliance -Compliance-. Practicing lawyer. University Professor. Christian has extensive experience of over 17 years in the areas of criminal law company, compliance -Compliance- and international criminal […]