From the beginning, Thomás de Carranza has had a strong international component that we continue to maintain. Buying and selling companies, negotiating contracts, setting up in new countries or exits to European stock exchanges are some examples of our activities.

Throughout our history as a law firm, we have incorporated professionals from diverse backgrounds with a broad vision of the specific business diversity of each culture. Beyond the technical aspects, an international project must be understood in the context of each country.

The lawyers of our firm work in several languages, adapting to cultural differences and specificities in order to offer clear and precise advice to multinational companies and groups.

Thanks to The Law Firm Network, our international network, we offer legal and tax advice in 80 countries through 8,000 lawyers and tax specialists.

We support companies in their export and acquisition projects, but also in their commercial development and legal disputes, in close collaboration with the teams of lawyers of the member firms of our network, whom we know and with whom we work sharing the same ethics and the same commitment.

Large and medium-sized companies, but also multinationals, trust us and our pragmatic approach focused on achieving our clients’ objectives.