Real estate management

The real estate legal management area of Thomas de Carranza Abogados is responsible for covering the entire value chain of the real estate cycle from the legal point of view: real estate processes, including due diligenceWe also provide legal advice on the purchase and sale of assets, lease agreements, tenant relations, claims management, dispute resolution, financial recovery, repossession proceedings, actions against squatting, homeowners’ associations or insurance, among other actions.

Our experience accumulated over more than 20 years has allowed us to develop our own effective methodology. Our work is based on negotiation and direct contact with tenants and their lawyers to effectively resolve potential conflicts.

For us it is essential to listen to the other party, to know the reasons for the breach of contract and to reach the most appropriate solution for our clients, avoiding, whenever possible, the judicial conflict and the social consequences that in many cases are derived from forced evictions.        

The personalized and extrajudicial management of conflicts allows us to recover more than 80 percent of the debt claimed and to avoid thousands of cases from ending up in court, with the consequent savings in time and costs for our clients.

360° ServiceTo become leaders it is essential to have a multidisciplinary team that covers the different areas that affect a transaction, especially those that refer to civil, commercial, administrative, urban, tax or labor law. All our teams are always led by partners and senior lawyers with recognized experience in the sector.