Thomás de Carranza Abogados adheres to the Statement of the Madrid Bar Association

The Thomás de Carranza law firm rejects “any action that entails a breach of the rule of law and the equality of all citizens before the law”. Two situations that, “under no circumstances, are valid options, nor morally acceptable for a ruler“.

In our capacity as lawyers, the firm specializes in real estate law, we cannot remain on the sidelines. We must reject any interference in the principle of the division of powers and show our respect and solidarity with the work carried out by judges and other public servants in compliance with the Law and in defense of our constitutional order.” 

“Spain is living a moment of extreme gravity that demands a firm, peaceful and serene response from all those citizens who, regardless of their political ideology, have the conviction that respect for the Constitution constitutes the ultimate foundation of our freedoms and democratic coexistence.”

Therefore, our Firm “adheres to the declaration of the Madrid Bar Association in defense of the social and democratic rule of law proclaimed in the 1978 Constitution”.

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